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Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

Exhibitor Overview – Your Booth

To prepare for the 2023 Hospitality & Tourism Summit taking place on May 2, think about what would help your business make a lasting impression on concierges, meeting & event planners, social media influencers, and hospitality industry professionals. This year as the industry rebuilds, we are expecting close to 1,250+ people to the Summit.

Remember that this event has been extremely successful in large part because the benchmark for booth quality has been set very high. In order for your business to stand out, your booth should be professional, visually appealing, interactive, creative, and fun! Use the tools below to help prepare your booth for a lasting impression. In addition to that, there are resources below for booth upgrades, add ons and our partners that you can order from. 

If you have questions or want photos from prior years, email us at

A few things to keep in mind:
  • DO NOT BREAKDOWN YOUR BOOTH UNTIL 6:30! Even if you run out of materials, it is critical that you staff your booth until 6:30pm!  There is a significant amount of concierge, planners and social influencers that will come late in the day and they expect to have a great experience.  Early breakdown of your booth leads to others breaking down their booths early which leads to the deterioration of the show and is not acceptable. You will lose your right to participate in future events if you break down before 6:30pm. Please educate your staff accordingly.


  • Periodic reminder emails will be sent to assist you with the preparation for the Summit. Please respond about electrical needs, lead retrieval, food & beverage (along with your certificates of liability), and Register your team. 


  • It is mandatory to submit a certificate of liability for the consumption of any alcoholic beverages and prepared food. Packaged food (i.e. individually wrapped candy, etc.) will not need a certificate. See the exhibitor checklist on the next page, for additional details.

  • If Sampling Food or Drink you must also complete the Levy Sampling Form and submit it to your event manager 2 weeks prior to the event.


  • Our bag sponsorship is a sponsorable item and it holds exclusivity. The distribution of your branded bags at the Trade Show will be prohibited. We are here to help you have the best experience possible and make your life easier.

  • The earlier you arrive, the better! The venue has only 1 small elevator that everyone will need to share. Load in time is from 7:30am - 11am.

If you have any other questions, visit the links below!

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