Exhibitor Best Practices

Exhibitor Best Practices:

    • Submit all documents needed (ice, electric, COI) 

Register your staff and those that will be staffing your booth early

    • Bring enough materials to last you throughout the whole day. You don’t want to run out!
    • Do not break down early. The show runs until 6:30 pm. Breaking down early results in not being able to participate in the show again the following year and will incur a fee.
    • The earlier you arrive, the better! There is only 1 elevator so please plan accordingly.
    • Set up your exhibitor profile in the event mobile app! Attendees will be using the app and looking for information, so you do not want to miss this opportunity. When you are setting up your profile, make sure to reserve your lead retrieval tool for the most efficient and cost-effective follow-up.
    • Plan your follow-up plan early! The sooner you reach out to the people you meet, the more likely they are to do business with you. With the Lead Retrieval scanning tool it is easier than ever to collect contacts, upload them into your database, and follow up. Simply use your apple or android device with a camera to scan attendee badges, you will receive their contact information in a clean and organized spreadsheet just by clicking a button. This is the #1 way to connect business cards after the pandemic! Many attendees will feel uncomfortable sharing cards and shaking hands so be prepared to scan their badge for optimal business results.
    • Want to go the extra mile? Add qualifier questions to your lead retrieval to better sort the list and follow up with the information they are looking for.
        • Remember to bring a bowl for business cards
        • Create an internal plan on how to reach out after the Summit
      • If you don’t follow-up, then you are missing out on hot opportunities!
    • Bring a dolly to transport your items. Materials for moving are not available, come prepared to load-in to your booth location. 
  • Don’t forget to show off! If you’re bringing food or drinks make sure they represent your business and show off what you are capable of. (ex: if you specialize in steak, bring steak!)

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