Exhibitor Booth Regulations

Your booth is a 6ft table. Any materials you bring should not exceed 6ft in length in order to not infringe on your neighbor. Your booth is to be self-contained. Please bring any and all materials you may need in order to represent your business. There is space behind your booth for pop-up banners if you wish.

Bags are not allowed as a handout as that is a exclusive sponsorship.

DO NOT BREAKDOWN YOUR BOOTH UNTIL 6:30! Even if you run out of materials, it is critical that you staff your booth until 6:30pm! There is a significant amount of concierge, planners and social influencers that will come late in the day and they expect to have a great experience. Early breakdown of your booth leads to others breaking down their booths early which leads to the deterioration of the show and is not acceptable. You will lose your right to participate in future events if you break down before 6:30pm. Please educate your staff accordingly.

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