Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How big is my booth space?

  • Your booth space is the length and width of a 6 foot banquet table. Double booths are available for an additional charge, contact your sales rep today.

What comes with my booth?

  • All booths with with one (1) 6′ table with plain black linens and a table sign printed with your exhibitor name. Electricity, Ice and lead retrieval are sold separately.

How do we pick our spot?

  • You do not get to pick your own location unless you have paid for Premium Booth Placement. All locations will be determined by the production director based on your industry, competing businesses, similar handouts, etc. Click here for more information

When is exhibitor load In?

  • Sponsor load-in begins at 7:00am and standard exhibitor Load in begins at 8:00am on Tuesday, April 30 and you must be finished setting up your booth no later than 11am.

When is breakdown and load out?

  • DO NOT BREAKDOWN YOUR BOOTH UNTIL 6:30! Even if you run out of materials, it is critical that you staff your booth until 6:30pm! There is a significant amount of concierge, planners and social influencers that will come late in the day and they expect to have a great experience. Early breakdown of your booth leads to others breaking down their booths early which leads to the deterioration of the show and is not acceptable. You will lose your right to participate in future events if you break down before 6:30pm. Please educate your staff accordingly.

Do you provide chairs?

  • No. Due to space restrictions in the room we do not provide chairs. However, if you have a medical condition where you need to sit please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Is there wi-fi available?

  • Yes, wireless will be available on the day of the show. We will provide that information to you as we get closer.

Can we set up our booth the day before?

  • No. Because the Crystal Gardens is still open to the public the day before. We do not allow booths to be set up prior to the show.

Can I get ice?

Can I get electricity to my booth?

Is there a place to prep the food?

  • No. If you are bringing food everything will need to be prepped in advance. We do not have access to any kitchen space for prepping. All food assembly will happen at your own space.

Is there staff to help me unload my car?

  • Yes. Staff will be available in the morning to help you unload your car and help you bring your items up to the Crystal Gardens. Staff will not be available at the end of the day so you will need to pack up and bring your things down on your own. 

Is there parking available? 

  • Parking is available at Navy Pier, there is not parking validation from the venue.

Is there preferred hotel and lodging? 

  • Hotel blocks and discounts are not available for this event, there are several hotels within walking distance of Navy Pier.

Does the Crystal Gardens have hand carts or flatbeds available?

  • Yes, however they are in very limited supply. We recommend you bring your own carts or wagons to help you move your materials.

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