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Exhibitor Tool Kit

Exhibitor Overview – Your Booth

The information below will help you prepare for the 2023 Hospitality & Tourism Summit taking place on May 2. In order for your business to stand out, your booth should be professional, visually appealing, interactive, creative, and fun!

A few examples of how your booth can stand out: 

  • Have your team wear the same shirt, sneakers, or other item.  You will look cohesive and easy to find! 

  • Offer an enter to win 

  • Have an interactive activity (game, art project)  

  • Make your booth colorful! Bring flowers, a color tablecloth and decor  

  • Don’t forget to add height with a pop up banner or step and repeat  (keeping within your booth size) 

  • Offer a photo moment (keeping within your booth size)

  • Offer a fun piece of swag 

As you prepare your booth, please take a look at the information below.   If you are sampling food & beverage, please adhere to the rules and regulations set by Navy Pier. 
If you have questions or want photos from prior years, email us at

Registration, Mobile App & Lead Retrieval
Important Information

SSID: Ateema23

PW: summit23

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