Load-in and set-up takes place the morning of the Hospitality & Tourism Summit beginning at 8 am (sponsors start load-in at 7:30 am). You and your staff are expected to load-in and set-up your own booths, your booths will be set-up prior to load-in and our logistics team will assist you in finding your booth upon arrival.

Click to download map of drop-off and load-in locations

Drop off: upon arrival, you will drive to the end of the pier to the turnabout, our team will be there in Navy T-Shirts to help direct you to where you need to go. This is a drop-off area, you are to drop off your materials then go park before setting up your booth to ensure a good load-in experience for all.

Set-up: Once you have safely dropped off your materials and parked your car, or removed it from the drop-off area, please work to set up your booth. All booths must be set-up by 12 pm noon, we will be letting people into the Aon Grand Ballroom starting shortly after for the opening ceremonies which begin at 12:30 pm

Parking: You will park in the EAST Garage, see map where it is indicated

Break down: Breakdown may begin no earlier than 6:30 pm. You will have until 11:30 pm to fully break down and vacate the venue. There is a large convention moving into the venue the next morning so it is very important not to leave anything behind.

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